Review Policy

My name is NNENNA (that’s 4 Ns and 2 vowels) from India. 

I would love to review your books, speak to budding (and established) authors, and learn more about the fascinating world of books. If you want me to review your work, email me at

Email format

To make sure I have all the details of your work and avoid multiple emails, please include the following (whatever is applicable, of course):

  • Book title
  • A summary/blurb of the post/book
  • Genre
  • Publisher
  • Other details you think would be relevant

I appreciate personalized emails. Mass emails are a big no-no and may not evoke a response from me. 

Genres I like and not really like

I am open to almost any genre of literature but do note I’m not a huge fan of autobiographies and religious fiction/non-fiction. I’m a little picky about general non-fiction as well. It has to pique my interest for me to dedicate time to it. The same goes for self-published works. 

Physical or e-books?

I prefer physical copies of books. If it’s an e-book or audiobook, please mention it beforehand.

Please send me the book only AFTER I agree to review it. 

Language preferences

I will review books that are written in or translated to ENGLISH ONLY. As proud as I am of my polyglotism, I can manage only English for now.  

Understanding my rating system

My rating may seem a little weird, but I like to talk about how the book made me feel rather than put some random stars on it. If you want a comprehensive understanding of my rating system, click here.

Where will the review be published?

On my website and Instagram. 

I am not on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, or other social platforms.

What should you expect? 

You can expect an unbiased and honest WRITTEN review, reflecting my thoughts and emotions. 

Your standing as a popular author, an upcoming author, a New York Times bestseller, Shah Rukh Khan’s relative, an author with Harper Collins, someone whose work was appreciated by Neil Gaiman, the inventor of the English language, my mum (love you, though), etc. will not affect my review. 

If I do not enjoy your work, but I feel it has potential or is intended for a specific/different audience, I will mention it in the review.

What shouldn’t you do?

  • Do not expect a glowing/positive review just because you sent me a copy of your book.
  • Do not ask me to change the rating.
  • Do not expect a video/audio review.
  • Do not write the review and ask me to publish it. Such actions only mean that you don’t have confidence in your writing and/or the book is bad. 
  • Do not expect a review within XYZ time. If your review has to be published within a set period, please mention why and when in the email. I will try to accommodate it. If I cannot, I’ll let you know the same. 
  • Do not expect a timeline from me either. 
  • Do not copy the review(s) on my website and paste it on yours, even if it’s of your book.

Your book’s review is not published because…

  • I’m still reading it.
  • I haven’t started reading it.
  • You sent me the book without/before I agreed to review it. 
  • I did not like the book and want to avoid publishing an overly negative review.

All these conditions are subject to change based on several factors. So, do read them carefully beforehand.

Phew! You made it till the end! You rock!